Rising Musicians Initiative was a branding and web design project

The Rising Musicians Initiative supports aspiring Canadian musical artists with more than $100,000 annually. The website is their central portal.

Branding choices

Concerts predominantly happen at night and in bars and clubs, so a gritty textured black along with pops of colour reflect the environment.

The program is for creativity in music so the typography leans into the artistic realm.
RMI Typography
RMI Brand
The layering of graphic elements is a subtle nod to the composition of instruments to make music.

Above the fold

RMI homepage screen
A countdown clock builds anticipation for the upcoming program. The header provides links to every part of the site.

Additional screenshots

The remainder of the website keeps the same aesthetic.

RMI Additional Winners
More Winners
RMI Additional Winners
Winner Profile
RMI Winners Page
Winner Text
RMI Winners Text
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This project was developed in association with CM2 Media.