Shared Parent Care Was an App Design Project

SPC helps families manage their aging parents needs in one online space. The key features are a shared calendar, discussion forum and an up-to-date list of care providers.

Design Choices

The app is predominantly used by middle-aged adults so the design choices were directly informed by this demographic. 

A cool colour palette keeps the interface calm and approachable.

A clean modern sans-serif typeface makes the text legible and easy to consume.

SPC app typography
shared parent care app typography

The primary actionable item on each page is a cool green to draw attention and create engagement with the app.

After logging in, users land on this screen.
Shared Parent Care Calendar Screen
Create an Event
Create an Event
Clicking the green button brings up a new window. A key feature is connecting a discussion to an event.
Shared Parent Care Create an Event Screen
All the conversations are stacked by date. Unread messages are highlighted in blue.
Shared Parent Discussion Screen
Conversations are engaging allowing for pictures, video and quoting.
SPC messages Screen
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This project was developed in association with CM2 Media.