WonderProxy wanted to visually spruce up their website

Their brand was defined and website was built, but it lacked visuals. I designed custom illustrations to reflect the content.

Large illustrations

WonderProxy Large Graphics

Large illustrations accompanied the leading headlines of various pages. They were meant to visually represent the theme of the page.

Medium illustrations

Medium sized illustrations were placed next to paragraphs of text to create visual intrigue and breaks for the eye.

WonderProxy Medium Graphics


WonderProxy Icons

Icon were used to visualize features of their platform or next to subheads and small bodies of text.

Additional examples

4 Browser Variations
WonderProxy Text
WonderProxy Text Centered
Computer Icon
GPS Map Icon
IP Icon
In and Out
IP Icon
Gear Icons
Search Server Icon
Global IP Icon
Warning Icon
Task List
Exchange Icon
IP Global Icon
Target Icon
Responsive Icon
Mobile Icon
Certificate Icon
IP Location Icon